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Autism Turned Off Our Child's Developmental Switches

Cranial Dynamics™ Turned Them Back ON

Our children now have more Speech, Mental Focus, Emotional Balance, Free of Hyperactive Behavior.



Our Autism Parent Network Endorses

Jean-Charles Genet


We feel that Jean-Charles Genet is the most important person we spoke to concerning our children's autism. Why?

Jean is one of the oldest living members of the autism community that is free of his symptoms of autism. He grew up autistic, overcame it and funded the research to define how he did it.

If your son or daughter received their vaccinations and, as a result, does not have conversational speech, is hyperactive with the inability to mentally focus, or lacks emotional balance then you need to know that Jean Genet has been successful with his Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology in bringing our children back from autism with more speech, mental focus, and emotional balance, free of their hyperactivity.

Our family physicians endorse Cranial Dynamics™ after witnessing our child's success over time. Review our Professional List.

Dr. Owen Waldman wrote: "Jean, great speaking with you yesterday. I'm so excited about Cranial Dynamics, I can't even tell you! I really believe this will get my son, West, mainstreamed into society and end his autism battle. I just kept re-reading eveything on your website, the presentation and all the links and e-mail from other parents and it just makes so much sense!!!"

C. Vella/Mom of son with autism, "Today Manny looked at my husband and said "I love you!" I'm still crying."

Question: What causes autism?

 Answer: Jean's research team, ByoNetics, determined that the chemical reaction from vaccinations damages and turns OFF the brain's Developmental Switches that connect the child's brain/computer to its mental, physical, emotional, and speech software.

Question: How does Cranial Dynamics™ address autism?

AnswerJean's research team developed Cranial Dynamics™ to turn back ON our child's ability to form speech, mental focus, and emotional balance, free of hyperactivity.

Observe The Brain Developmental Switches Turned OFF/ON


Developmental Switches OFF

Developmental Switches ON

You can see the difference between the two images Low Activity Off and High Activity ON.

Cranial Dynamics™ activates the High Activity ON phase.

Kathi Bryant: "Jean, Dalton is healed. He is reading and spelling and interacting so I will mainstream him in school. Keep up the great work."

Question: How is Cranial Dynamics™ applied?

Answer: All we needed was a CD player.

When our child goes to bed we simply place the appropriate daily Developmental CD in the player, turn it on while our child is falling to sleep and let the magic begin.

There was no need to place a headset on our child. We just let the CD play at a comfortable volume in their room.

Our child only hears the sound of the babbling brook (the sound of creation) in the background. Behind the sound of the babbling brook are the specific frequencies used to turn back ON our child's speech, mental focus, and emotional balance.

Jeff Moen. "Our son is 5 and he just started with the CDs a week or so ago. We've seen improvements, he's spontaneously saying smallphrases that we've not heard him say before. He's also more "with us" better eye contact and engages his siblings more. He seems happier. We hope for the day that we'll have a conversation with our beautiful boy! A few weeks ago we were afraid we may have to put him in an institution because he was so difficult to deal with and he's so strong. Our ABA therapist has seen a real improvement he even eats at the table now. We're more hopeful in general ourselves!"

Question: What is Jean's success rate?

Answer: On the average our children began to develop a greater ability to form speech, emotional balance, and mental focus, while neutralizing stress within the first three months.

"Hello Jean.. A huge thank you for saving my son with Cranial Dynamics . Colton is now virtually free of Autism after only 3 months." Deana Duke

Question: Has Jean posted any Parent Responses to Cranial Dynamics™?

Answer: Yes, Jean has posted over 2,000 Parent Responses here are a few.

Hi my name is Susan Callahan. This is my response to the Pediatrician, L. Alagheband, whose son is autistic and considering working with Jean Genet and using Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology.

There is sooooo much that I could share with you.

First off it sounds like you are roughly where we were a year ago. And yes, even though we were skeptical too, because it was non-invasive to the child, the price was doable, and all Jean's references checked out, so we did it. And I can tell you that she would not be viewed as being on the Autism Spectrum anymore.

She has just a few quirks left about her, but we've come an incredibly long way in one year. My daughter had 12 out of the 14 areas of the autism checklist before Cranial Dynamics. Now, she would not have any.

Even the doctors are amazed at her progress.

It really has truly ended her autism. She was involved in DT, OT, PT, & Speech therapies on a weekly basis and graduated out of all of them by 7 months following Byonetics; much faster than we ever expected.

No Meds No Special Diet

We did not ever use any medications or special diets with her. We simply kept teaching her at home and at her preschool and using Jean's technology. She too had a large gap in abilities between home and group activities.

Dramatic Change

That has changed dramatically. She had no functional language before Cranial Dynamics and now is speaking paragraphs, sharing joint attention, telling stories, singing songs, even a solo last summer for a leaving teacher.

I could write a book, but would rather tell you in person so that we can exchange your concerns and our experience.

Thanks for allowing me to share our experience with you.

I do hope more families use Cranial Dynamics.


Question: What do you receive with Cranial Dynamics™

Answer: Jean's research team has developed Seven Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental CDs (one for each night). These Developmental CDs create the specific frequencies that turned ON our child's speech, mental focus, and emotional balance, free of hyperactivity. Now our child benefits from their therapies. Our kids will receive their education, develop relationships, and become successful in society.

Jean also provides a Parent CD to relieve our stress and anxiety and the EnviroMental CD to neutralize the stress in our home environment. These are life savers!

Please call Jean at 305-394-4020 so he can discuss your child's autism and cost. It's affordable!

Here is Cheyenne, Clayton Myers sister"Dear Mr Genet, You probably don't know who i am. I am Cheyenne, Clayton Myers sister. I am 11 years old. I have seen a lot of improvment in my brother lately. Clayton has been using your cd's for 5 months now. He is talking and being more social to all of us. He is now turning on the shower, getting dressed by his self, and drying off by his self now!!!!!!!!! My family and I were so shocked that he was saying " no thank you " instead of just saying "no"!!!!! Yesterday we were playing baseball and he actually was catching it and throwing it. Thank you so much for every thing you have done! God bless you!

Love, Cheyenne

Don't Manage Autism Overcome It!

There are some things that Jean believes you should be aware of before starting Cranial Dynamics™.

First, The cost to get started with Cranial Dynamics™ is very affordable. Remember! Therapies like speech, behavioral, and occupational cost over $200 an hour. As you well know autism programs are very costly running into the thousands of dollars..

SecondCranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology requires the parent to spend the least amount of time for the most amount of results in the least amount invested.

Third, there is always someone, friend, family member, practioner, competition, telling you that a program like Cranial Dynamics™ has no validity. My opinion is that I would rather believe the insight received from some one, like myself, who grew up autistic, over came autism, and developed the research and technology to assist children in their recovery.

Fourth, there is the question, "If this program is so great why haven't I heard about it before?" The answer is simple. I limit the amount of families that I work with so they can be assured that their child and family will receive the services promised. Failure can occur from trying to provide services to more people than you can successfully handle.

Fifth, I call this one "The $10,000 Syndrome." There are some people who believe that the more you pay for something the more valuable it is. Unfortunately when it comes to addressing health issues this can become very costly with little to show for the money spent. To pay for my medical expenses my parents had to sell their home and my father worked three jobs to survive. Most families cannot afford to pay large sums of money but they can afford to purchase the Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology.

Something to ponder. Remember! More medical practioners, special needs teachers, therapists, lawyers, CPAs, engineers, professors, and CEOs, (all who have children with autism) use Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology to address their child's response to autism.

Remember. For any therapy to work the brain/computer must be able to connect to the software that instructs the brain on how to use the therapy. Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology makes this connection.

 We want to enjoy your Child's Success Not Their Failure.

Call Jean at 305-394-4020 or email to discuss your child's autism.


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