I Grew Up  Autistic And Conquered It


Your Child Can Too


My name is Jean Charles Genet. I was one of the first children, in the 1940′s, to ever be defined with autism in the United States. Whatever your child is experiencing with autism; I probably experienced first.
ByoNetics technology was first developed by NASA to treat astronauts, who, in a prolonged weightless environment developed autistic like symptoms: Slurred speech, inability to mentally focus on physical task, and emotional turmoil.
Coming out of Vietnam, in a body cast, I was introduced to NASA researchers as a functioning autistic. NASA’s technology (now ByoNetics) accelerated my healing and miraculously repaired my symptoms of autism.
ByoNetics was introduced in 2004. Since then, over 2,500 families has participated in ByoNetics with over a 70% success rate in the repair of their child’s autism. Over 1,400 parents have reported their child developing speech, mental focus, emotional balance, while neutralizing their hyperactivity.
Please review our website below. But in the mean time, click the link below and answer four (4) questions with a simple “Yes” or “No” Your responses will help us determine whether ByoNetics can free your child of the symptoms of autism. Autism Free.    Welcome to ByoNetics

ByoNetics is a computer technology that turns back ON your child’s Developmental Switches. Now your child can function in a proper reality free of the symptoms of autism.

Brain Developmental Switches

ByoNetics looks at the brain as a computer, a processor of  information.

The brain/computer needs to connect to its physical, emotional and speech software.  It makes this connection through what has been identified as the brain’s Developmental Switches.

These Switches in the brain are crystalline structures in the neuro pathways, very much like fiber optics used in telephone communications.

There are Seven Main Developmental Switches that connect the Brain/Computer to its mental, physical, emotional, and speech software.

We believe that the chemical reactions in vaccines damages these Seven Development Switches and turns them off. When these Switches are turned off the child cannot develop conversational speech. The child experiences hyperactivity, lack of mental focus, and cannot maintain emotional contact. Sensitivity to sound and tactile issues as it relates to the wearing of clothes are also present.

Turning These Development Switches Back ON

ByoNetics employs Cranial Dynamics  a computer technology that creates the exact brain wave frequencies that repairs and turns back ON your child’s Seven Developmental Switches.

“Hello Jean.. A huge thank you for saving my son with ByoNetics. Colton is now virtually free of Autism after only 3 months.” Deana Duke


Observe The Brain Developmental Switches Turned OFF and ON

Autism spectrum disorder help, for children and adults with speech difficulties

Brain Developmental Switches Off


not a treatment for autism but a technology

Brain Development Switches ON

You can see the difference between the two images…Low Activity Off and High Activity ON.

ByoNetics activates the High Activity ON phase.

How To Use

All you will need is a CD player.

When your child goes to bed you simply place one of the Seven (7) ByoNetics Developmental CD’s in the player, turn it on while your child is falling to sleep and let the repairing begin.

There is no need to place a headset on the child. Just let it play at a comfortable volume in their room.

What you will hear is the sound of the babbling brook (the sound of creation) in the background. Behind the sound of the babbling brook are the brain wave frequencies used to repair the your child’s Seven Developmental Switches and turn them back ON thus freeing your child of the symptoms of autism.

ByoNetics is rated #1 in the repair of autism. Over 1,400 parents agree.

Here is Susan Callahan’s Response:

From: S. Callahan
To: jgenet@byonetics.org
Subject: Daughter is free of her autism

This is my response to the Pediatrician, L. Alagheband, whose son is autistic and considering the Byonetics Computer Technology.

There is sooooo much that I could share with you.

First off it sounds like you are roughly where we were a year ago. And yes, even though we were skeptical too, because it was non-invasive to the child, the price was doable, and all Jean’s references checked out, we did it. And I can tell you that she would not be viewed as being on the Autism Spectrum anymore.

She has just a few quirks left about her, but we’ve come an incredibly long way in one year. My daughter had 12 out of the 14 areas of the autism checklist before ByoNetics. Now, she would not have any.

Even the doctors are amazed at her progress.

It really has truly ended her autism. She was involved in DT, OT, PT, & Speech therapies on a weekly basis and graduated out of all of them by 7 months following Byonetics; much faster than we ever expected.

No Meds No Special Diet

We did not ever use any medications or special diets with her. We simply kept teaching her at home and at her preschool and using Jean’s technology. She too had a large gap in abilities between home and group activities.

Dramatic Change

That has changed dramatically. She had no functional language before Byonetics and now is speaking paragraphs, sharing joint attention, telling stories, singing songs, even a solo last summer for a leaving teacher.

I could write a book, but would rather tell you in person so that we can exchange your concerns and our experience.

Thanks for allowing me to share our experience with you.

I do hope more families use.


Click on Parent Responses to view more responses.

What do you receive with ByoNetics?

We have developed Cranial Dynamics™ CD allows us to computer engineer a brain wave machine and download it onto a separate Developmental Computer Disk. These Super CDs create the proper brain wave frequencies that the brain uses to turn back ON your child’s Seven Developmental Switches. Now your child can develope speech, mental focus, and emotional balance while maintaining a proper reality where your child can benefit from their therapies, receive their education, develop relationships, and become successful in society.

We provide Seven Developmental Computer Disks/CDs, one for each night.

You can personally call me about your child’s autism. My personal telephone number is 305.394.4020.

If you want to leave us a message you can call at 1.800.280.2802. Be sure and leave your telephone number and best time to return your call.

Our ByoNetics Family is made up of over 2,500 families whose children are benefiting with more speech, mental focus, and emotional balance, with less hyperactivity.

Before ByoNetics you could only manage autism. You had to accept the fact that your child was autistic. You had to provide for their immediate care and, especially, for their long term care. For the nightmare that all parents have is who would take care of their adult child if they, the parents, would pass away. Unfortunately, the government would assume that role. The worst of all options.

ByoNetics changed the face of autism. For now you can repair your child’s autism instead of just managing it.

We invite you to read Jean Genet’s book, ByoNetics 

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