Ear Slapping Head Banging

by Jean Genet

As a researcher and autistic survivor, I can state that children with autism can hear sounds above the average person hearing range. Although high pitch sounds cannot be heard normally, to an autistic child these sounds can cause  intense inner ear pain.

In an effort to stop this inner ear pain, the autistic child will cover or slap their  ears or in severe cases bang their head against a wall to knock out the pain.

My parents didn’t see this as pain and I wasn’t able to verbalize that my ears were hurting.

I was isolated in my own world where this pain existed. I saw the world from the inside out. I was not able to cross over to a proper reality. I surmised that this self isolation was caused by the inability for his brain to  ground to its physical body.

My brain’s inability to ground to its physical body didn’t allow me to complete the pathway or circuit into a normal reality. In the world I lived in, I spoke properly, maintained mental focus, emotional balance and  occasionally felt this inner ear pain.

This lack of grounding prevented me from traveling back and forth between a  normal reality and the reality that I functioned in. Also without this grounding  I was unable to create any mental, physical or emotional environmental filters  that would protect me from these high pitch sounds. In a normal reality, people can filter out these sounds, protecting them from this intense inner ear pain. I could not.

There are two causes why my brain could not ground to its physical body:

1) The chemical preservatives in his childhood vaccinations reeked havoc on his brain’s  ability to form proper brain wave frequencies needed for this grounding to occur.

2) Energy fields generated by florescent lighting, microwave ovens, TV’s, computers, electronic equipment, flying in airplane and driving in a car. These electro magnetic fields interferes with the brain’s circuitry.

The slapping of ears or banging the head against the wall, 98% of the time isn’t a rebellious or acting out behavior, they are in intense pain.

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