Autism Diet – Several Things I Would Like To Stress

When I first started helping autistic children, I didn’t believe that autism diets were very important.

Well, I changed my mind.

Diet can have an effect on an autistic child’s physical and emotional environment, and by eliminating a couple of food elements you can help your child have a better day.

When children respond negatively to their vaccinations it creates a chemical imbalance inside the body that can result in mental, physical and emotional problems.

Let’s discuss three food groups that can negatively affect a child with autism.

Dairy: The main enzyme in dairy products is casein. Casein is the main ingredient in glue. Casein is what makes glue sticky.

As dairy fills the stomach casein coats the lining with this glue like substance. This can seal off the stomach lining and prevent nutrients from being absorbed through the stomach wall.

Food particles stick to the stomach wall and begin the process of rotting. This creates toxic waste which begins to ferment thus creating alcohol (think of a potato that ferments into vodka).

After twelve hours of unsuccessfully spraying these food particles with digestive juices, this toxic waste is purged into the small intestine. The  toxic waste builds up and begins to eat a hole in the bottom of the intestinal wall. This allows the toxic waste to leak into the blood. As  infected blood moves through the internal workings of the body, chemical imbalances begin to occur. The process is known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome.”

Gluten: The Latin word for glue is gluten. It is a protein composite that appears in foods processed from wheat, barley and rye. Gluten causes mild inflammation of the mucosa of the small intestine, which can join with the negative effects of casein to create autoimmune problems.

Sugar: The chemical that initiates hyperactivity is in every form of sugar. The hunger response is initiated by the brain when it is low on blood sugar. Blood sugar is the fuel the brain uses to manage mental, physical, and emotional well being. Without proper levels of blood sugar the child or adult will have trouble mentally focusing, experience hyperactivity and quick emotional upsets.

More times than not the issue of hunger is resolved by eating something sweet like a candy bar, cookie, etc. When sugar is introduced into the blood stream it provides enough fuel to quiet the hunger response for up to twenty minutes. After that point there is not enough fuel left to manage the mental, physical, and emotional response so the system crashes and takes the child/adult with it.

Of course hunger is resolved by eating foods without processed sugar which can be disguised on labels as fructose or corn syrup. Natural fruit should be eaten to solve an immediate hunger issue, followed by food groups that don’t contain dairy, wheat or sugar.

The diet that addresses these problems is the Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet. Many parents are under the misconception that once this diet is initiated, the child will develop speech. When this doesn’t happen the parents stop the diet.

Remember! Eliminating dairy, gluten, and sugar from the diet brings about mental, physical, and emotional balance within your child with autism.

Why is a proper diet important to the welfare of autistic children?

When the child is  free of these negative food reactions, it helps clear the path towards freeing your child of autism when employing therapies.

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