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Jean Charles Genet ... Conquered Autism...

Jean began his journey at four months old when he had an allergic reaction to the Pertussis part of his DPT vaccinations that contain Thimerisal (the stabilizer in vaccines that can create mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning is believed to bring on the symptoms of autism).

Jean believes that within 24 hours the chemical reaction inside his brain was so severe that it began to damage his brain's developmental switches (connects the brain/computer to its mental, physical, and emotional software). When these switches are turned off you cannot connect to the brain's software that forms speech, emotional contact and mental focus.

Back then the treatment for this reaction (now known as a Grand Mal seizure where the synapses begin to misfire inside the brain to such an extent that it forces the body to jerk so violently that tendons can be torn from bone) was to immerse Jean, as a little baby, into a bathtub full of crushed ice and water in an effort to slow down the physical jerking in his tiny body. Jean's body movements did begin to slow down due to the fact that he started moving into hypothermia where his body temperature was lowered so quickly that he would go into a "near death" experience. His mother revived him at least four times a day from these grand mal seizures and by the time Jean was in the middle of his second year of life, he had experienced over 3,000 grand mal seizures in "near death" experience.

Jean didn't begin to speak until he was five years old. He developed a severe stammer due to the fact that he couldn't completely ground to his physical body. Jean grew up in midwest and if you were not developing correctly you were labeled, "deaf & dumb." He was set aside in the class room and harrassed out on the playground. He couldn't talk his way out of it because stuttering only made it worse and if he fought his way out of it he was labeled a "trouble maker." He couldn't win for losing.

Jean eventually could read but he couldn't complete the task. He would read the first three words of a sentence then his brain would disconnect, (now known as ADHD). By the time his brain would return to the page, Jean would have to read the same three words again. He could never get to the fourth word.

By mistake Jean was enrolled into an algebra class in the 8th grade. Without prior instruction, Jean went up to the blackboard and began to solve the algebraic problems displayed, much to the surprise of his teacher. Up to this point it was assumed by Jean's outward appearance that his only qualification was to sort socks. Math seemed to engage Jean's brain at a much higher level. His math teacher championed Jean's cause and fought to have him tested verbally. Jean graduated from high school in 1964, went into the Marine Corp in 66, and arrived in Vietnam is 1967.

Jean works with NASA

Jean's duties in Vietnam eventually led him into the rescue of downed pilots. He was the best at what he did due to the fact that in an adrenaline induced environment like hanging underneath a helicopter, on a cable, going into a hot landing zone, to pick up the downed pilot; the adrenaline was so great a force that it would force Jean's brain to ground to the physical body. In other words, the more dangerous it was, the calmer Jean would become. This calmness was the saving grace for him and the pilots he rescued.

Toward the end of his tour Jean crashed in a helicopter while going into an enemy held landing zone. He suffered a fractured spine and was put into a body cast to secure his healing. He was sent to one of the rehab units that NASA was using to address the problems astronauts were experiencing while in space. Since astronauts cannot ground to the physical energy of the earth, while in a prolonged weightless environment, they begin to develop autistic-like symptoms...slurred speech, lack of emotional response, and inability to mentally focus on physical task. Traditional medicine doesn't work in a weightless environment and, with the race for space with the Soviet Union, NASA didn't know what direction to go.

There are no accidents. Jean was introduced to NASA as a person with autistic-like symptoms. Jean was in a body cast so he couldn't escape. And, he could induce seizures at will because this is how Jean escaped the harrassment on the playground when he was growing up.

Brain mapping was employed to measure Jean's brain waves while in a seizure and, most important, this brain mapping determined the frequencies Jean entered into when he returned to his body. We now know that Jean entered into specific frequencies that repaired his *developmental switches. This accelerated his healing process to where he was out of his body cast in a third of the time, free of paralysis. His brain had completely grounded to his physical body so he was free of the symptoms of autism. And he hasn't stuttered since and that was back in 1969.

Jean becomes a researcher in brain wave therapy

After returning from Vietnam, Jean's genius emerged and he moved into the research and development of solar energy products. He developed environmental land concepts that employed solar technology to reduce the expense of energy cost in rural areas. Jean's success provided him with the financial resources to define his success in conquering his autism. Unfortunately, before he could begin this research, his neck collapsed in C3 and C6 at the base of the skull. Unbeknown to researchers at the time the Pertussis part of the DPT vaccines can erode bone structure. In Jean's case the erosion developed in his spine. At this time Jean was 32 years old with a spine of an 86 year old man.

Surgeons used laser technology to enter Jean's throat and remove broken bone. They used bone grafts from Jean's hip to repair his spine. To make the vertebrae stronger the surgeons had to make the structure thicker with bone thus reducing the space inside the vertebrae. When Jean would over exert himself his spinal cord would swell and touch the inside bone of his vertebrae. This caused Jean's electrical system to short circuit thus freezing his body movements. If his arm was in the air he couldn't get it down. If his eyes were open he couldn't shut them. If Jean's mouth was shut he couldn't open them. As the swelling of the spinal cord would go back down Jean would return to normal.

Surgeons are great at body mechanics. They can put you up on the rack, change out your body parts, and put you back on the road for another 100,000 miles. Unfortunately, these surgeons knew little about the cause of Jean's disorder and even less about healing due to the fact that they are only trained for repair.

Jean went back to the protocol set by NASA with brain wave therapy and immediately experienced positive results. He used the monies from the sell of his business to find the best available minds in the field of brain wave research. Several of these researchers had worked for NASA when Jean was a part of the program. He built them a retreat and called it the National Center for Integrative Medicine. It was here that Jean's team of researchers used a computer as a model for the brain. They explored the ways the brain developes its mental, physical, and emotional software. They also found out that the brain uses specific colors to keep on our developmental switches during the day time and these same colors can be used to trigger the brain to respond in certain ways. It is here that Full Spectrum Frequency Lighting was brought forth.

To prove these findings Jean created Direct OnSite Care where he contracted his services to top entertainers on world tours. These entertainers learned how to move out of the reality of the stress created while performing, into a reality that powered a greater performance by employing these colors into their daily lives.

Jean then brought on board the National Research Center for Chronic Fatigue and Debilitating Disorders where his team determine the five stages that lead to stress related disorders and the frequencies the brain uses to move us out of these disorders into a reality of wellness.

Jean became interested in the ability of dolphins to communicate through brain wave frequencies and founded the North Star Dolphin Research Project to explore inter-species communications between dolphins and humans as it relates to health. His team determined that dolphins create deep harmonic frequencies to turn on their own developmental switches and, when exposed to these same frequencies, humans can experience an accelerated healing experience.

Cranial Dynamics™ Technology was developed as a computer program to digitally create the same type of harmonic frequencies that dolphins use. These frequencies are encoded onto a CD disk that, when listened to while going to sleep, has the potential to accelerate the repair of the brain's developmental switches. With these switches turned back on, the child with autism can begin the process of developing speech, emotional contact, and mental focus.

Jean Developes Byonetics

Through out all of his research Jean realized that the individuals he encountered seem to have specific conflicts that brought on their disorder. These individual conflicts cause disorders, like autism, to become a habit. The brain doesn't know that it is wrong to have autism, it only knows that the child is defined as autistic so it continues the condition, day in and day out, until conflicts emerge that create of life of autism.

Jean developed Byonetics to resolve these conflicts by resetting the energy of the conflict from a negative to a positive source of healing for the child thus redefining the child, Free of Autism.

Maybe, for the first time, we are able to address the cause of the disorder by resolving the conflict that created it instead of dealing with the symptoms that have little affect other than continuing the disorder.

* Developmental Switch is a Byonetics term. It does not imply any scientific terminology.

Common Sense

Common sense would tell us that it would be wise to work with an individual like, Jean Genet. Jean has earned the right to work with your family by not only conquering autism but funding research and developing technology to repair these developmental switches. Once repaired then a proper connection is made between your child's brain/computer and its mental, physical, and emotional software thus enhancing your child's response to therapy that, in turn, will work to end your child's experience with autism.

You will soon realize that Jean has earned the right to be of service to you and your child.

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