This is the info that we provided to determine if our Child Qualifed for Cranial Dynamics?

To determine whether Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology is right for your child simply respond to the questions below.

1. Is your child a boy or girl? / Age
2. Has your child received his or her vaccinations? 
3. Does your child have any speech? 
4. Is your child hyper? 

You can email your answers to: jgenet@cranialdynamics.com

If you would like a call back:

-Provide your phone number
-Best time to call back
-Your time zone.

You can also call Jean at 305-394-4020 to discuss your child's autism.

Comments or questions are welcome.

Join Jean Genet at https: //www.facebook.com and

put in Cranial Dynamics in the Search Window

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