Professionals Using Byonetics

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Professionals Using Byonetics:

L. Alagheband / Pediatrician
M. Alagheband / Dermatologist
S. Shah / Physician
C. Konuralp / Physician

P. Gozun / Family Physician
B. Gozun / Family Physician
M. Shah / Surgeon
S. Shah / Surgeon
R. Siddiqui / Physician
F. Tai / Physician
T. Coleman / Psychotherapist
M. Furness / Neurological Nurse
R. Moore / Registered Nurse
M. Devlin / Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
L. Abrogar / Registered Nurse
E. Abrogar / Registered Nurse
M. Tosh / Dentist
C. Luedi / Veterinarian

R. Bernardo / RN, BSN
M. Alleyne / Special Education Teacher

V. Moody, Phd / Mathematics Professor
C. Christofilis / Attorney
S. Fishman / President & CEO of Medical Co.
V. Cabera / Owner of Home Medical Supply Co.
K. Saucier / Registered Nurse
N. Niescier / Registered Nurse
R. Alon / Dentist
E. Klein/Software Architect
E. Klein/Dental Hygenist
B. Roth / Electrical Engineer
T. Stumo / Teacher of ECSE Preschool
L. Winget / Executive Sales Director
P. Morrow / Chemical Engineer - MBA in Business
K. Morrow / MBA in Technical Writing
L. Gore / BA Early Childhood Ed, BA Elementary Ed
C. Lane / Masters of Science in Nursing
J. Kellog / Senior Medical Economics Consultant
J. Lopez / Bachelor Business Admin
J. Betz / JD Law / Attorney
V. Betz / Teach of Higher Education
H. Abraham / Owner of Printing Business
S. Curl / Registered Nurse BSN
A. Dye / BA in Accounting
B. Dye / BS in Engineering
B. Badolato / Registered Nurse
L. Richer / MD with an MBA - also MD in Tropical Medicine
T. Richer / MBA Economist
J. Mead / JD in Law, BA in Music (Practicing Attorney)
C. Mead / BS in Computer Science and MBA in Business Admin
K. Eickwort / Phd in Chemistry
S. Greene / Special Needs Teacher
F. Nacional / Registered Nurse with a BSN
C. Buckley / College Biology Professor
D. Pappas / BA in Philosophy and a BA in Broadcasting
K. Mallik / Architect
G. Barnett / Linquist with the Dept of Defense
P. Franco / Police Officer
E. Franco / School Board in Florida
D. Swain / BA in Elementary Education
D. Rinehart / Clinical Pathlogy, Hematology, Cytology BS
R. Ellsperman / IT Applications Developer
L. Ellsperman / Store Manager
S. Perry / BBA in Marketing, Financial Mgr, Published Writer
A. Meyers / Bank Officer
M. Meyers / CPA/CFO
M. Ojeda / Registered Nurse
K. Spindler / MA in Elementary Education
R. Perry / High School Guidance Counselor
J. Perry / High School English Teacher
L. Heath / CPA
C. Gering / Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction
R. Bushman / BA degree in Fashion Degree
M. Bushman / Credit Union President
J. Frey / Licensed Cosmotologist of her own salon
P. Frey / MBA from Wharton / Financial Planner
S. Mesa / Bilingual Speech-language Pathologist
K. Miller / Customer Service Representative for Bank Loans & Insurance
N. Hunter / B.S. in Graphic Design
Y. Herzog / Court Reporter
D. Herzog / Lawyer/Law Professor
L. Booth / Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
M. Cherry / Masters in Computer Science
J. Prakash / BS & Masters in Engineering, Application Development Mgr.
M. Acosta / Special Education Teacher
G. Sinram / Nurse
K. Clay / Masters Degree in Elementary Education
H. Jones / Masters Degress in Anthropology

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From: S. Callahan
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: RE: Byonetics

This is Susan's response to the Pediatrician, L. Alagheband, whose son is autistic and deided to begin the Byonetics program.

There is sooooo much that I could share with you. First off it sounds like you are roughly where we were a year ago. And yes, even though we were skeptical too, because it was non-invasive to the child, the price was doable, and all Jean's references checked out, we did it. And I can tell you that she would not be viewed as being on the Autism Spectrum anymore. She has just a few quirks left about her, but we've come an incredibly long way in one year. My daughter had 12 out of the 14 areas o the autism checklist before Byonetics. Now, she would not have any.  Even the doctors are amazed at her progress.  It really has truly ended her autism. She was involved in DT, OT, PT, & Speech therapies on a weekly basis and graduated out of all of them by 7 months following Byonetics; much faster than we ever expected.  We did not ever use any medications or special diets with her. We simply kept teaching her at home and at her preschool and using Jean's technology. She too had a large gap in abilities between home and group activities. That has changed dramatically. She had no functional language before Byonetics and now is speaking paragraphs, sharing joint attention, telling stories, singing songs, even a solo last summer for a leaving teacher.

I could write a book, but would rather tell you in person so that we can exchange your concerns and our experience.

Thanks for allowing me to share our experience with you. I do hope you call.



From: J. Mead, Attorney

To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Grayson Fischer

Hi Jean,

I wanted to check in and let you know how things are going with Grayson.  We haven't been with your program for a month yet, but we've seen some things that are very good indeed.  Grayson is sleeping longer hours and better.  He's able to settle down better.  He now has an attachment to his Teddy bear and a small figurine of a gingerbread man called "mad gingy".  He's talking a lot more.   He's also started doing double digit addition and it's coming very easily.  Everyday we are being told that he's really moving ahead.  But traditionally has always hated the phone.

This weekend I took an overnight sanity trip.  I called in often.  Between calls, Grayson had picked up the phone, which he never does and started dialing.  My husband stopped him and said "Grayson, what are you doing?" Grayson says " Telephone."  He says" Yes, that's the phone, who are you calling?"  Grayson says "Mommy." Craig says: "Here, let me help you dial that."  They dial the phone and he hands the phone to Grayson.  I answer the phone and say "Hello".  To my surprise I hear Grayson saying " Hello, Mommy".  I said: "How are you?"  He told me: "I'm fine."  I asked him: "Is there something that I can do for you?"  He told me:"I miss you, Mommy".  "I love you Mommy".  I told him I missed him and loved him and that I would be home in a few hours.  He told me: "Good-bye" and hung up.  I'm glad I wasn't driving, I probably would have hit someone in my shock and amazement.  I keep playing over in my head my first phone conversation with my son.  It was truly wonderful!

Thank you so much.



From: J. Mead/Attorney
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Grayson and the 2nd disk.


We started the 2nd disk and this weekend he was able for the first time to spend 3 hours with me cooking in the kitchen. He helped prepare and cook everything. I had him peeling, cutting, mixing, rolling and food assembly.  (We made gluten free, casein free, no refined sugar lasagna and rhubarb/strawberry pie.)  It was so nice to have him able to really help. He was very proud of himself.  It was so nice to be able to do something together and have him not wander off.


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From: K. Eickwort/Phd-Chemist
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Benjamin's initial reaction to CD

Benjamin listened to the CD while falling asleep for the first time on Saturday night. On Sunday he was in the car with his father and their Welsh Corgi puppy Willow. Ben said to his father that Willow had pretty eyes, and that they were brown, not blue or green. (Quite an amazing conversation for Ben. Obviously had good eye contact with the dog!)

Then Sunday night, when it was bedtime he said, "Can I listen to the nice noises, PLEEEEZE!" Jeff (dad) reports that Ben is crazy about the CD, and he is sure that it makes him feel good.

So I guess I can stop reminding Jeff to put the CD onas Ben will take care of that :-).



From: K. Eickwort/Phd-Chemist
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Benny update

Well, this is kind of a proud moment. I had a chance to take Ben to the beginning of the Parents-Helping-Parents support group last night and he found the leader and told her he wanted to tell everybody about his school. He had been going around telling one parent after another little details like "I do my Headsprout every morning at my homeschool." So the leader got everybody's attention and Ben stood up there and said, "I want to tell you about my school. I go to homeschool." The leader said, "Do you like your school?" He said, "I LOVE my school." Julie (leader) said, "Who teaches you?" And Ben said, "My teacher." And Julie said, "Who is your teacher?" And he answered, "My grandma!"

I was kind of glad he was a little bit more restrained and abashed talking to a whole group of adults than he was when he was trying to bend the ear of individuals before the meeting started, it shows he is learning something about what's appropriate. I also told him he was a brave boy to talk to the whole meeting!

For anybody who is new, Ben is five--will be six on March 21, and has a diagnosis of high-functioning autism.

Kathy E.

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From: S. Mesa / Speech Pathologist
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Arrius

Hi Jean:

Arrius has been on the program for only 2 days and I already since a slight difference. On the first day, he ate cheese for the first time ever and being a child with food aversions, that's a big deal. He also went ahead and put his bare feet in the sand box by himself. Wow!, normally he won't even step on the sand at the beach until 2 hours after we've arrived and with alot of prompting. Today he went to his normal daycare, which is a great developmental center, and participated in finger painting for the first time ever. The teacher was excited and I was thankful. However small these changes may seem, they are wonderous leaps onto the path of recovery. I will be jotting down all the changes I see in him as he progressses through the program.

Thanks again and God bless!!



From: S. Mesa / Speech Pathologist
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Update - Arrius

This is to give you an update on Arrius. He began the CD's in May. He has increased eye contact that is very noticeable. Longer sentences when he communicates. He even began to eat food he had an aversion for like pizza, PB&J sandwiches. He can follow 2 step directions on a first command. And continues to sleep through the night. I truly believe, with God's blessing, that I will see the day that my son will recover. Through faith, all things are possible. I thank God for putting the people in my path that can help Arrius.

Thanks, Jean!!!!!!

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From: S. Greene / Special Needs Teacher
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Kollin

Hi Jean

Kollin is making a lot of progress with focusing and staying in tune with his surroundings. I am very faithful with the CD's and he seems to do well with them. I do believe that the CD's are truly aiding us as we move forward with our journey. It was truly wonderful to speak to someone who understands where we are and how we feel. I thought there was really no way but after speaking with you I once again can begin to hope.

Thank you once again for everything.



From: V. Cabrera / Medical Supply Owner
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Patricia'a Progress

Ever since the treatment that Patricia received in November 2006 we are very pleased to announce that she is doing GREAT. She is more verbal and is not having tantrums like before. We will be returning for more treatment in June 2007. She has been able to complete all her assignments with outstanding scores. Above and beyone her level. Her teachers are amazed with the progress that she has made, in only a few months.


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From: T. Stumo / Teacher of ECSE Preschool
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Re: John John

Hi Jean,
John has been listening to your CD since just before Labor Day weekend.  One of his behavior therapists noticed that he seemed to be vocalizing more -- different sounds than before she went on her 4 day weekend.  He said Mama tonight and gave me a big "ug." For the first time I really believe he was talking to and about me when he said Mama and it wasn't just a sound. 
I am a sceptic but he seems even more happy and cuddley and receptive than before.  I hope that the CD is making a difference and that he will just continue to improve and maybe someday we will bring him down to meet the dolphins.


From: L. Gore / BA Early Childhood Ed
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Monthly Progress - April

Just wanted to touch base and let you know what I think listening to the CD's helped my son achieve for the month.
My son continues to progress in all areas of expressive and receptive language, eye contact and general awareness.
This particular month he began to talk louder and deeper.  Sometimes he would even scream his demands.  This is new for him since before he spoke in a low, soft voice.
Thank you,

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From: C. Lane / Masters of Science in Nursing
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Daniel

Hi Jean,

Daniel is doing great. I think this tape really works, it is hard to imagine but it does!  He recently got his report card and got his first A ever in his life. It was in Regular Math, not Special Ed. (This is only his second year in Inclusion for Math). He is so excited!

His FastForward assistant is a 17 year old girl who worked with Daniel 4 days a week over the summer. Currently he attends only once a week. After just 1 week with the tapes she said she noticed something different about Daniel. I was shocked. I have discussed the tapes with his Special Ed teacher at School. Unfortunately for the timing, we changed a few things in his program around the time we started the tapes. Initially, they wanted to attribute his improvements in school to the changes they made. Hopefully, everything works together in his best interest. But last week at a Teacher Conference she was commenting on his continued success, especially with READING! (His area of most difficulty despite some hyperlexia) She is starting to buy into this amazing therapy of yours too!!!

Thanks soooo much
Cate Lane
PS Jean, I told Daniel how you read so fast and he said "Yeah, I do the same thing!


From: S. Curl/Nurse
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: John's update

Sorry to be so long in writing of our experience, but we believe John is beginning to be more aware of everything around him, and he is definitely speaking in longer sentences and using more descriptive/emotion words. WOOHOO!!!

Thank you so much,


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From: D. Pappas/BA in Philosophy
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Simon

Dear Jean,

I just picked up Simon's card this morning. Thank you so much - it brought such a smile to my face - I can't wait to show it to Simon tonight.

I'm playing the CD for Simon every night. I'm amazed at how much he loves the CD -- and we have noticed a definite increase in his expressive language (!).

Most sincerely,



From: E. Franco/School Board in FloridaSSchchool Board in Florida
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Samy update

Hi Jean,

I'm writing to let you know that I have noticed some change with Samantha and the baby! Samy is actually saying and asking normal questions, what I mean is she makes more sense now and is wording better. The teacher told me she has seen a difference too. And the baby is actually saying momma and pappa and trying to mumble other things. His 2nd birthday is the 7th of December, so I'm excited that he's making progress. I have been sleeping with the sound at nights and feel more relaxed when I wake up. I wanted to thank you and I'll keep you posted. To the parents of our special children, thank you because I actually know what everyone goes through and have appreciated all the information I can get.


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From: D. Swain/BA in Elementary Education
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: more language and new skills

New Years Day my mom, Sean, Sarah and I went to my brother's for a dinner. Sean was all over the place as usual, but this time he did stay off the couch, and not use it as a trampoline. Also, my mom gave Sean some sliced cheese from the fridge. After Sean gobbled it down, he grabbed my mother's arm, pulled at her to come toward the fridge and said, " I want more cheese , Grandma." We were both stunned!. Usually he just gets what he wants, and he never requests anything unless he is prompted. I pray this wasn't just an isolated incident. Also he figured out how to use the Sit and Spin using his arms instead of his feet to spin himself.



From: D. Rinehart/Clinical Pathlogy
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Dylans Progress


Just wanted to drop a line and say how thrilled we are with the program so far. We are on The Thursday Cd. Dylan is now actively participating in class. He is also acknowledging his classmates and teachers by name, which he has never done before!!! He is also participating in music class, which he used to cry and tantrum through the whole time! I just got a note from his teacher with pictures attached, My son was LAUGHING AND GIGGLING in the photos.(If youd like I will attach them, and a photo of Dylan at this time last year.) The caption on the note said-Can you believe this is the same chid who last year at this time CRIED during the entire class?" "What are you doing mom-keep it up!" What a fantastic note to get home,usually notes were for negative things...NOT ANYMORE! He also has no bedwetting issues...we stay dry all night. Hooray!!!Thank you for your research and hard work. We all appreciate you dearly. I am so glad I made that phone call to you! God Bless You!


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From: R. Perry/High School Guidance Counselor
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Re: Genet/TuesCD

Hi Jean,
We got the second CD and began it May 1st. We began our sensory integration therapy (intensive 21 day program with 19 day follow up home therapy) at the same time. After a month of byonetics and sensory integration therapy, we have seen a lot of progress in Jacob! Probably the most exciting is that he is having bowel movements in the potty!!! Yippie!!! He has been "urine potty trained" for over a year. Passing bowel movements has been an issue for him for a long time. Miralax is a good friend of our family. Jacob's adverse reaction to the sensory issues of passing a movement is gone!
Other positive results from the therapies include:  increased eye contact, increased imitation, the desire/enjoyment of "reading" books, and new words daily! He is starting to answer questions such as, "Whose baby are you?" His response is a beautiful "mommies." And when asked, "Whose boy are you," his response is "daddy's." Of course my husband and I delight in these sweet words! He has also moved from pointing to the "I Want....."sentence strip on his PECS board to SAYING THE WORDS.....I WANT CRACKERS, DRINK, MORE, TO JUMP, BELLY....etc. Praise God!
God is working through your program, Jean. We are very blessed to have byonetics as an integral part of Jacob's therapy as well as ours! The family CD and Environment CD are wonderful...We play them everyday. Thank God for Byonetics and for you, your story, and your work with all of us working to "end autism now."
Jennifer and Roger


From: J. Frey-Jones/Licensed Cosmotologist
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Dylan

I just wanted to share that on friday the 2nd my 3
year old son who reads but only uses single manding
words at this point;looked me in the eye and said,'I
love you'[for the first time].

Wow, our children do get it.


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From: K. Miller/Bank Representative
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Max

I went to my son's IEP today and I learned that his concentration has greatly improved.  He can play spelling bingo for 20 minutes straight now and focus on doing the work himself.  I think that is a wonderful achievement for a non verbal autistic 12 year old to be able to do. 

Thank you Jean for your CD's they are improving Max's ability to do work.



From: N. Hunter/B.S. in Graphic Design
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: It's like a "switch" is being turned on!

Dear Jean,
Owen has been listening to your CD's for about a month.  The changes in him have been unbelievable!  In those wonderful moments of calm and compliance I felt an extreme amount of hope for his future!  Owen is obsessed with the alphabet right now.  He loves watching this Leap Frog video that goes through the alphabet and tells you what sound each letter makes.  Since he loves the alphabet I made a poster board with the alphabet and hung it in the living room, I also made him little alphabet cards with our Boardmaker program and put them on a little ring so he can carry them around or take them in the car.  This morning I found him in the living room with his little ring of the alphabet flipping through it and whatever letter he would come across he would sing the song they song on the video and say the sound of the letter.  Now mind you, the video was not on, he was standing at a side table by himself just flipping through his cards.  It was a wonderful moment for me!  Almost spiritual!  I realized he gets it, there is a connection, he is smart, he just can't get the information out!  It is like a "switch" Jean is being turned on!  I am so excited for his future! 
I am on our local school board which has proven to be helpful in many ways.  Our superintendent is wonderful and understands the ultimate goals and needs of a special needs student.  I have found that we have been able to share information with each other and of course, I have shared with her your story and program and our using the program with Owen.  I must tell you, Owen did not get diagnosed with autism until after I was on the school board, so I believe God truly has a plan!
It is true, what works for one child may not work for another.  Owen is not severely autistic, so I don't want to imply that he is for any parents that are reading this.  He also will be turning 4 at the end of May. 
Once again, Jean, I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.  I am very grateful for all your hard work and that you decided to take your program public!!!

Many thanks,

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From: C. Cherry/Masters in Computer Science
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Iris is doing great too

Hi Jean - happy Spring!

I wanted to write and tell you too how great Iris is doing. We started in May, of course and at that time Iris was very withdrawn, wouldn't get out of her pajamas or go outside at all - and I was a wreck. Today Iris is calm and happy, outgoing and affectionate. She wears a variety of clothes and goes out a lot - even in the sun, though she gets very upset if we get too near the center of town as the traffic noise increases too much for her, I think. She participates with me, building and smashing sand castles or playing catch and everyone is noticing the extra eye contact from her. Things are just a million percent better - and we have stopped a lot of the other things we were doing for her, except the CDs, homeopathics, mineral and DHA supplements, and our best approximation of GFCF diet. I myself am a lot calmer and am able to maintain my own peace and patience when dealing with the kids and I think that is a super important component. I mean, we came to you in despair really and we all now have a strong sense of peace and well being - including my husband. You may remember that I mentioned it occurs to us that he is on the spectrum himself. If that were true, would he do better listening to the daily CDs or should he be using the parents Good Luck CD more regularly?

Thank you so much for all your help Jean. Peace!



From: J. Prakash/Masters in Engineering
To: Jean Genet/Byonetic s
Subject: RE: Genet here

Jean : Thanks so much for the CD's and the support group. We have a come a long way with Anant in last 1 year.

Again, thanks for your wonderful program and service.


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From: M. Acosta/Special Education Teacher
Subject: Jerryn's update

Hi Jean,

Jerryn has been sleeping so much better since we started the cd's a few DAYS ago. Even me and and the baby are sleeping better and feeling alot more refreshed when we wake up and on less sleep.



From: G. Sinram/Nurse
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Casey

My 5 year old autistic son started the CD's 3 days ago and has slept 8-10 hours a night. He goes in spurts when it comes to sleeping through the night, but this just is to weird. He usually sleeps 6 hours at a time so that means putting him to sleep later at night and me (mom) not getting any time for myself. My husband has worked 2nd shift since before our children were born. He works 12 hour shift though so that means he leaves at 2:00pm and gets home at 2:30, 3:00am. so I feel your lack of sleep, because Brandon has not slept well 3 years. Anyway your good news is wonderful and I hope it keeps up here.



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