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Occupational Therapy With Dolphins

We want to invite you to receive Occupational Therapy for your child in our Dolphin Encounter program here in the Florida Keys.

Byonetics is technology used to repair the developmental switches that connect the child's brain/computer to its mental, physical, and emotional software. Once connected then the child can begin to form speech, emotional contact, and mental focus.

This same technology enhances your child's ability to participate in dolphin occupational therapy.

A dolphin encounter is where your child is standing on a platform, in the water, while the dolphin approaches.

The Byonetics technology enhances the ability of the dolphin to use its "echo-location" or high frequency beeps to accelerate the repair of the child's developmental switches.


Note: It is our research into inner-species communications between dolphins and humans, as it relates to health, that is used as a foundation for successful therapy swim programs with dolphins.

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You can schedule one or more dolphin encounters.

The dolphin facility charges $155 per person.
Children have to be accompanied by a parent.

There are small resorts here in the Keys that we work with. A family of four should expect to spend around $150 per night.


The private sessions with Jean Genet are:

$125 for first day.
$100 for second day.
$75 for third day and there after.

You can book your flight into either Miami (MIA) or Ft. Lauderdale.

Ft. Lauderdale might be a few dollars cheaper, however, it is over a two hour drive as compared to Miami which is around an hour and twenty minutes to the Keys.

We can help with all your individual needs to make your stay comfortable and rewarding.

We usually suggest that coming in on a Thursday, swimming on Friday and Saturday (with private sessions in between) then leaving on Sunday is usually the best format although any schedule can be put together with enough advanced notice.

To prepare a child for their dolphin encounter we require that they participate in Byonetics 60 days prior to their dolphin encounter.

Note: Our Occupational Therapy Program With Dolphins runs from the 15th of Jan to the 1st of June.

For more information, please call on our toll free line 1.800.280.2802

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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