...Famous Personalities With Autism...

Every day we become more aware of the many personality traits of autism. When you begin to match these traits with what has been written about certain well known individuals we begin to recognize autistic like symptoms in their personalities. The biggest trait we recognize is an Intuitive Genius. We believe that children with autism have a brain that processes at genius levels. The average human processes between 13 and 30 cycles per second of brain wave energy in a conscious state. A child with autism can process over 250,000 cycles per second of brain wave energy in their conscious state. At these levels of brain wave processing a child with autism can reach into higher levels of awareness and bring this genius into our conscious state of awareness.

Byonetics technology allows this transfer to take place for your child.

You will recognize that the geniuses listed below have been recognized for a unique ability to go beyond common understanding and provide new insight into a world that before we could only imagine. Now that genius is your child's to enjoy.



Albert EinsteinBill Gates


Mark Twain Thomas Jefferson


Beethoven Thomas Edison


Mozart Van Gogh


Emily Dickinson Issac Newton


George Bernard Shaw Henry Ford


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