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Q- How long has Cranial Dynamics™ Developmental Technology been available?

A ­ Research began in 1978 and had only been available by word of mouth. In 2004 we made it accessible through the Internet.

Q ­ Why does this seem too easy to help my child?

A ­ The easy part is for you.  The money and years of research to fine tune this technology to where it is today and to make it easy for you to use has been a monumental task to achieve.

Q ­ Can I use Cranial Dynamics™ with the therapies I'm presently using for my child?

A ­ Cranial Dynamics™ is not a stand alone program.  It's a technology you use in concert with the therapies you are presently paying for to accelerate your child's learning and progress curve at a faster pace.

Q - Is it Safe?

A- Cranial Dynamics™ technology uses less energy than it takes to raise and lower your eyelid.

Q ­ When will I become aware that the technology is working?

A ­ When you the parent or therapist begin to see improvement in speech, behavioral, and mental focus.

Q ­ Will my child have to use the CDs for the rest of his life?

A ­ No. The repair is long lasting.

Q ­ Is there a refund policy?

A ­ Cranial Dynamics™ is a technology and we guarantee the proper function of this technology. If at any time this technology fails to work, we will gladly replace the damaged CD at no charge. Review Return Policy.

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