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There are over a 1,400 parent responses on file. Here are just a few of the unedited email responses we get on a daily bases.

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From: Liz Garcia
Subject: Valentino
Jean Genet

Hi Jean,

I wanted to update you on Valentino's progress.  We started the program in October. Immediately we noticed Valentino did not need to have his blanket near his side at all times.  He began having better eye contact and looking when his name was called.  Before the cd's he had a handful of words he would only say if prompted (ready, set, and he would finish off with a "go"), in addition to bye, etc­but not more than a handful.  In the last month he has added bike, car, please and most noticeable he can count through ten on his own without prompts and while actually counting objects!  I'm sure he also said oh gosh, when he could not get something to work.Needless to say, we've seen major improvement in the last three months while using the program.  I could not be more pleased with the way things are going.Thank you!  Liz

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Dear Jean,

Thank you soooo much. Alex is improving we received the CDs and started Alex on it. It has been just about 3 weeks and he is doing great. I had my first parent teacher conference on November 19, 2011 with Alex's teacher. I have to say she put me in tears.

Our conversation started with WOW what have you been doing with Alex I explained the program to his teacher and that we have him on almond milk, omega 3 and vitamin B12 patch. her response to me was " I have been doing this for 15 years and I do not sugar coat kids and when they master a skill" but Alex's teacher was amazed at the progress he has done in these past 3 weeks. I was relieved when she said that I did not want my hopes to confuse me and think it was my imagination with the progress that I have seen. Alex's teacher also said she has 8 aides that assist her through the day 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon and all the aides notice Alex's progress.

For example:

1. He is more responsive, you call his name and he stops what he is doing to turn around and make full eye contact with you to wait for your response

2. He comes to you when he is asked

3. He sits down when he asked

4. He does more appropriate play

5. He notices if the atmosphere is different or if a stranger entered a room and is more inquisitive as to what is going on

6. He is repeating words, babbling sentences and singing more

7. He is more focused towards his siblings and wants to interact with then as well as classmates as you see there is quite a list and that I have noticed, his teacher and his brother and sister.

His sister says"look at Alex he is playing with the car appropriately" or one morning he crawled into bed and I said " where is Antonio?" his brother and he repeated "AAAAAntooonio" his brother was so excited and his response was Alex said my name and with tears in Antonio's eyes he rubbed his brothers back.

Thank you Jean, Alex is doing great

Melissa Rogers

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Jeff Moen: "Our son is 5 and he just started with the CDs a week or so ago. We've seen improvements, he's spontaneously saying smallphrases that we've not heard him say before. He's also more "with us", better eye contact and engages his siblings more. He seems happier. We hope for the day that we'll have a conversation with our beautiful boy! A few weeks ago we were afraid we may have to put him in an institution because he was so difficult to deal with and he's so strong. Our ABA therapist has seen a real improvementhe even eats at the table now. We're more hopeful in general ourselves!"

Kathi Bryant: "Jean, Dalton is healed. He is reading and spelling and interacting so I will mainstream him in school. Keep up the great work."

Dr. Owen Waldman wrote: "Jean, great speaking with you yesterday. I'm so excited about Cranial Dynamics, I can't even tell you! I really believe this will get my son, West, mainstreamed into society and end his autism battle. I just kept re-reading eveything on your website, the presentation and all the links and e-mail from other parentsand it just makes so much sense!!!"

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Cheyenne, Clayton Myers sister: "Dear Jean, you probably don't know who I am. I am 11 years old. I have seen a lot of improvement in my brother lately. Clayton has been using your CD. He is talking and being more social to all of us. He is turning on the shower, getting dressed by himself, and drying off by his self now  !!!! My family and I were so shocked that he was saying "No Thank you" instead of just saying "No" !!! Yesterday we were playing baseball and he actually was catching it and throwing it. Thank you so much for everything you have done! God bless you!

Love, Cheyenne

C. Vella/Mom of son with autism: "Today Manny looked at my husband and said "I love you!" I'm still crying."

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