Professional Members Of Our Parent Network



L. Alagheband / Pediatrician
M. Alagheband / Dermatologist
S. Shah / Physician
C. Konuralp / Physician
P. Gozun / Family Physician
B. Gozun / Family Physician
L. Richer / MD with an MBA - also MD in Tropical Medicine
T. Coleman / Psychotherapist
R. Moore / Registered Nurse
M. Devlin / Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
G. Sinram / Nurse
B. Badolato / Registered Nurse
R. Bernardo / RN, BSN
K. Saucier / Registered Nurse
M. Ojeda / Registered Nurse
F. Nacional / Registered Nurse with a BSN
S. Curl / Registered Nurse BSN
C. Lane / Masters of Science in Nursing
D. Rinehart / Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Cytology BS
S. Mesa / Bilingual Speech-language Pathologist
R. Alon / Dentist
M. Tosh / Dentist
C. Luedi / Veterinarian
J. Kellog / Senior Medical Economics Consultant


L. Booth / Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
K. Clay / Masters Degree in Elementary Education
T. Stumo / Teacher of ECSE Preschool
V. Moody, Phd / Mathematics Professor
M. Acosta / Special Education Teacher
S. Greene / Special Needs Teacher
C. Buckley / College Biology Professor
V. Betz / Teacher of Higher Education
D. Swain / BA in Elementary Education
E. Franco / School Board Member
T. Stumo / Teacher of ECSE Preschool
K. Spindler / MA in Elementary Education
R. Perry / High School Guidance Counselor
J. Perry / High School English Teacher
L. Gore / BA Early Childhood Ed, BA Elementary Ed
S. Fishman / President & CEO of Medical Co.
V. Cabera / Owner of Home Medical Supply Co.
B. Roth / Electrical Engineer
L. Winget / Executive Sales Director
P. Morrow / Chemical Engineer - MBA in Business
K. Morrow / MBA in Technical Writing
J. Lopez / Bachelor Business Admin
D. Pappas / BA in Philosophy and a BA in Broadcasting


Y. Herzog / Court Reporter
D. Herzog / Lawyer/Law Professor
J. Betz / Attorney
C. Christofilis / Attorney
J. Mead / JD in Law, BA in Music (Practicing Attorney)


P. Frey / MBA from Wharton / Financial Planner
K. Miller / Customer Service Representative for Bank Loans & Insurance
T. Richer / MBA Economist
S. Perry / BBA in Marketing, Financial Mgr, Published Writer
A. Meyers / Bank Officer
M. Meyers / CPA/CFO 
L. Heath / CPA
A. Dye / BA in Accounting
P. Frey / MBA from Wharton / Financial Planner
K. Miller / Customer Service Representative for Bank Loans & Insurance


H. Abraham / Owner of Printing Business
B. Dye / BS in Engineering
C. Mead / BS in Computer Science and MBA in Business Admin
K. Eickwort / Phd in Chemistry
K. Mallik / Architect
G. Barnett / Linquist Developmental Mgrs
P. Franco / Police Officer
R. Ellsperman / IT Applications Developer
L. Ellsperman / Store Manager
C. Gering / Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction
R. Bushman / BA degree in Fashion Degree
M. Bushman / Credit Union President
J. Frey / Licensed Cosmotoligist of her own salon
N. Hunter / B.S. in Graphic Design
M. Cherry / Masters in Computer Science
J. Prakash / BS & Masters in Engineering, Application Development Mgr.

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