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There are close to 2,000 parent responses on file. Here are just a few of the unedited email responses we get on a daily bases. You can contact Jean Genet for more.

S. Mesa / Speech Pathologist

Hi Jean:

Arrius has been on the Cranial Dynamics program for only 2 days and I already since a slight difference. On the first day, he ate cheese for the first time ever and being a child with food aversions, that's a big deal. He also went ahead and put his bare feet in the sand box by himself. Wow!, normally he won't even step on the sand at the beach until 2 hours after we've arrived and with alot of prompting. Today he went to his normal daycare, which is a great developmental center, and participated in finger painting for the first time ever. The teacher was excited and I was thankful. However small these changes may seem, they are wonderous leaps onto the path of recovery. I will be jotting down all the changes I see in him as he progressses through the program.

Thanks again and God bless!!


S. Greene / Special Needs Teacher


Kollin is making a lot of progress with focusing and staying in tune with his surroundings. I am very faithful with the CD's and he seems to do well with them. I do believe that the CD's are truly aiding us as we move forward with our journey. It was truly wonderful to speak to someone who understands where we are and how we feel. I thought there was really no way but after speaking with you I once again can begin to hope.

Thank you once again for everything.


T. Stumo / Teacher of ECSE Preschool

Hi Jean Genet,

John has been listening to your CDs since just before Labor Day weekend.  One of his behavior therapists noticed that he seemed to be vocalizing more - different sounds than before she went on her 4 day weekend.  He said Mama tonight and gave me a big "ug." For the first time I really believe he was talking to and about me when he said Mama and it wasn't just a sound.

I am a sceptic but he seems even more happy and cuddley and receptive than before.  I hope that the CDs is making a difference and that he will just continue to improve and maybe someday we will bring him down to meet the dolphins.


L. Gore / BA Early Childhood Ed

Just wanted to touch base and let you know what I think listening to the CD's helped my son achieve for the month.

My son continues to progress in all areas of expressive and receptive language, eye contact and general awareness.

This particular month he began to talk louder and deeper.  Sometimes he would even scream his demands.  This is new for him since before he spoke in a low, soft voice.

Thank you


E. Franco/School Board in Florida

Hi Jean,

I'm writing to let you know that I have noticed some change with Samantha and the baby! Samy is actually saying and asking normal questions, what I mean is she makes more sense now and is wording better. The teacher told me she has seen a difference too. And the baby is actually saying momma and pappa and trying to mumble other things. His 2nd birthday is the 7th of December, so I'm excited that he's making progress. I have been sleeping with the sound at nights and feel more relaxed when I wake up. I wanted to thank you and I'll keep you posted. To the parents of our special children, thank you because I actually know what everyone goes through and have appreciated all the information I can get.


R. Perry/High School Guidance Counselor

We got the CDs and began it May 1st. We began our sensory integration therapy (intensive 21 day program with 19 day follow up home therapy) at the same time. After a month of Cranial Dyamics and sensory integration therapy, we have seen a lot of progress in Jacob! Probably the most exciting is that he is having bowel movements in the potty!!! Yippie!!! He has been "urine potty trained" for over a year. Passing bowel movements has been an issue for him for a long time. Miralax is a good friend of our family. Jacob's adverse reaction to the sensory issues of passing a movement is gone!

Other positive results from the therapies include: increased eye contact, increased imitation, the desire/enjoyment of "reading" books, and new words daily! He is starting to answer questions such as, "Whose baby are you?" His response is a beautiful "mommies." And when asked, "Whose boy are you," his response is "daddy's." Of course my husband and I delight in these sweet words! He has also moved from pointing to the "I Want.."sentence strip on his PECS board to SAYING THE WORDS..I WANT CRACKERS, DRINK, MORE, TO JUMP, BELLY.etc. Praise God!

God is working through your program, Jean. We are very blessed to have byonetics as an integral part of Jacob's therapy as well as ours! The family CD and Environment CD are wonderfulWe play them everyday. Thank God for Cranil Dynamics and for you, your story, and your work with all of us working to "end autism now."



G. Sinram/Nurse

My 5 year old autistic son started the CD's 3 days ago and has slept 8-10 hours a night. He goes in spurts when it comes to sleeping through the night, but this just is to weird. He usually sleeps 6 hours at a time so that means putting him to sleep later at night and me (mom) not getting any time for myself. My husband has worked 2nd shift since before our children were born. He works 12 hour shift though so that means he leaves at 2:00pm and gets home at 2:30, 3:00am. so I feel your lack of sleep, because Brandon has not slept well 3 years. Anyway your good news is wonderful and I hope it keeps up here. Thanks Jean.

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