Frequently Asked Questions about the ByoNetics Program


1) Q: How did you find out about this important autism research?

A: The founder of ByoNetics, Jean Genet, grew up autistic, conquered it, and funded the research to define how he did it. He then directed his research team in developing the technology that helps repair and turn back on the brain's developmental switches. To review Jean Genet's Research Profile, autism articles, and review his new book, ByoNetics, please click on Autism Research Profile

To review Jean Genet's biography click on Autism Bio

2) Q: Do medical practioners and other professionals endorse the ByoNetics autism program?

A: These professionals are endorsing ByoNetics by providing this technology to their children with autism. To view the names of these professionals and their response to ByoNetics click on Autism - Professionals

Dr Owen Waldman wrote:

Hi Jean,
    Great speaking with you yesterday.  I'm so excited about Byonetics, I can't even tell you!   I really believe this will get my son, West, mainstreamed into society and end his autism battle. I just kept re-reading eveything on your website, the presentation and all the links and e-mail from other parents...and it just makes so much sense!!!

3) Q: How do you know when these developmental switches are repairing themselves?

A: When the child's parents and/or therapist begin to see improvement in speech, behavorial, and mental focus while participating in a normal reality.

4) Do you have a parent support group?

A: Yes. For more information about our Parent Network please click on Autism Parent Network

5) Q: How many parents have reported improvement?

A: To date, we have received over 1300 parent responses. To review these parent responses, case studies, and monthly reviews, please click on

Autism Parent Resp 1-999

Autism Parent Resp 1000 +


We strive to be a part of your child's success not their failure

To Determine If Your Child Qualifies For ByoNetics please answer these questions via email.


1. Is your child a boy or girl?
2. How old is your child?
3. How old when s/he was determined to be autistic?
4. Had your child received their vaccinations?
5. Does your child have any speech?
6. Is your child hyper?
7. Is your child receiving medication?
8. Does loud sounds hurt your child's ears?

Please email your answers to 

If you would like Jean Genet to give you a call once he reviews your questionaire then leave your telephone number plus area code with your email.

If you prefer to talk with Jean directly to discuss your questionaire then call him toll free at:



Free Byonetics ebook

Please accept my new Byonetics ebook (a $24.95 value) as a gift for considering Byonetics to assist in your child's recovery from autism.

Byonetics ebook tells my story of growing up with autism, how I conquered it, the research behind its success and how the Byonetics program serves the needs of not only the child with autism but the healing of the parents and the family they serve. "A must read book for parents whose child is suffering from autism." Jeff Bowman/Retired Special Needs Teacher *

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