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 Jean Charles Genet 


Founder and Director of Research at:

National Center For Integrative Medicine This research determined the frequencies the brain uses to repair and turn back on its *Developmental Switches. Once repaired the brain/computer can make proper contact with its software and activate speech, emotional contact, and mental focus. Also it was determined that the brain uses specific colors to help the Developmental Switches maintain its connection between the brain/computer and its software.

Direct OnSite Care. To prove that colors could activate Developmental Switches and enhance performance, Jean presented these findings to the entertainers on world tours to help manage their performance on and off stage. These tours were the most successful during that time.

National Research Center For Chronic Fatigue and Debilitating Disorders It was here that it was determined which frequencies worked best in addressing different debilitating disorders.

North Star Dolphin Research Project explored inter-species communications between dolphins and humans as it relates to health and found out how dolphins use harmonic frequencies to accelerate the process of maintaining a proper connection between their brain/computer and their software. This accelerates their ability to communicate mentally, physically, and emotionally with each other.

Byonetics Research This is where the research with dolphins was used to create Cranial Dynamics™. This technology creates the necessary harmonic codes needed to repair the Developmental Switches of children with autism and to enhance the response of the therapies needed to develop speech, emotional contact, and mental focus.

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Authored Books:

1) Dolphin & The Oracle

(2) Dolphin Mind...a Meditation Manual

(3) Byonetics...Enhancing the brain's ability to end the experience of debilitating disorders like autism.

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* Development Switches is a Byonetics term and is presented with no medical license or authority.

Parent Response:

From: D. Duke
To: Jean Genet/Byonetics
Subject: Colton's Update

Hello Jean..
I wanted to thank you for all your informative emails. Also, another huge thank you for saving my son! With the Byonetics CD's in use for about 3.5 months Colton is now virtually free of Autism. He will be starting mainstream Kindergarten in a few weeks and I am so happy to say that he is 100% potty trained, swimming like a pro, socializing with other children, and there are very few behavioral issues (definetly less than your typical child). There are just a few signs of any Autism which  include a wonderful memory, he is so detailed and excellent in art, incredibly smart, all which are the positive of Autism - The only thing we are trying to work on is his repetitive speech patterns which occur occasionally on certain topics of interest.

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